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Please click here to donate https://www.justgiving.com/KayCrewdersBorneo

Kay and Kim will be trekking for 7 days through the Crocker Range National Park rainforest in Borneo, crossing rivers and staying overnight in native villages and mountain huts. They’ll be trekking for up to 8 hours a day, with early starts in the dark.

The trek leads them to Kota Kinabalu where they will then begin their ascent of South Asia’s highest mountain Mt Kinabalu, a mere 4,095m above sea level. They’ll be hiking at altitude (hoping to avoid sickness!), they’ll eat, sleep and live with the locals so forget 5* luxury after long, exhausting days both mentally and physically. It’s gonna be tough but they’re doing it together and know your support will get them through it.

A minimum of £3,950 must be raised each, at least 60% will benefit Macmillan Cancer Support, with the balance spent on the costs of the trip. However, 100% of any sum raised over £3,950 each will benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.




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