Dinner ladies

Seeing as though we didn’t poison anyone last time the lovely, hungry lot at Chapel Allerton Running Club invited us back to cook.

Sadly kimbers was trapped in work so I begged our Kirsty to lend yet another hand. Flashbacks of the 3 of us last time working like maniacs came back to me so I recruited another willing chef, Becky. And, God love her, she baked 2 amazing cakes as well.

We served up fajitas (my face was a dream after chopping 25 red onions) and, thanks to the night also hosting an award ceremony, we served up spicy wraps to around 50 people. In fact we completely ran out and some went hungry. That’ll teach them for running so far.

All in all it was hot, sweaty but worth it. Guesstimates total of around £140.




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