Busy, busy, BUSY!!

What a weekend we have had! Saturday we took to the streets of York, well Parliament street to be exact, and raised money the old fashioned way – with a smile and our Macmillan buckets. The day started off with BBC Radio York. Kim and I stood by the Roman column next to the Minster holding clue2 for #finderskeepers They found us by half 9 and for the first time I found out what life was like on the other side of the finders keepers mic!

From there we met Kirsty, stuffed our faces and then set up camp outside M+S. The City of York pipe band were playing on Parliament street which helped us keep dancing and then the Pride carnival came through with Biggins on top deck! We had a great morning and the lovely people of York donated around £100.

Afterwards we went for a well earnt pint at the Gillygate pub with our mate Jack, met Brian the landlord and … watch this space but in July prepare for #battleoftheblondes
After a long day you’d think we’d chill out but no, off we went to sort out car boot stuff for a 7am meet at Pannal. The car boot queens came back with a 2 car trip and managed to raise almost £200.

All in all it’s been a busy but very productive weekend with loads of money raised for Macmillan.

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